Bc. Jiří Vacek , MBA


Jiří originally studied economics and business at the Prague Business School at the University of Economics. However, a change in life led him to study psychotherapy, he graduated from the Prague Psychotherapy Faculty of the Academy of Medical Sciences in Prague. Completed complete psychotherapy education, accredited psychotherapy training-dase analysis. He is a member of the Czech Dasein Analysis Society. He has currently completed professional training in trauma therapy-Compassionate Inquiry-Compassionate Inquiry from the well-known Canadian doctor and therapist Dr. Gabor Mate.

Jiří is engaged in both individual, group and couple therapy and for several years ran a private practice. He gathered his experience in the psychiatric hospital in Červený Dvór, then in the Psychiatric Hospital in Bohnice, where he worked in the Dual Diagnoses Department of Pavilion No. 16.

He is responsible for the management of Clinic 2.

"I like to meet people and humbly work with them on their journey to knowledge, search for new possibilities in life, freedom, truth and healing. I have experience not only with addictions and their treatment - I myself have been abstinent from all addictive substances for 13 years. Existential psychotherapy is the closest thing to me."

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