A comprehensive approach to the treatment of gambling addiction - Gambling


Why it is important to address gambling under the care of experts

Gambling is an often underestimated addiction. It has profound effects not only on the given individual, but also on his surroundings. Addressing addiction in the hands of professionals is key to successful recovery. Our methods include individual therapy and group sessions, which are a supportive factor in solving financial and interpersonal problems. Working with the family in family therapy is also essential. Therapy will help you answer the root causes of your addiction and together we will focus on healthy ways to face challenges without the need for gambling.


How the treatment program works

Our treatment program is designed to provide comprehensive support on the road to recovery. Includes diagnosis, individualized treatment plan, family therapy, therapy sessions focused on addiction management and relapse prevention. The program adapts to the needs of each client, which makes it possible to effectively address both acute and long-term aspects of gambling.


Family and loved ones support

Family and loved ones play a vital role in the gambling treatment process. That's why we offer special programs for family members to help understand the nature of addiction. The program not only offers strategies to effectively support loved ones, but also provides support for those around the addict. Together, we work to rebuild trust and strengthen the healthy relationships that are essential for long-term recovery.

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