Understanding Phobias: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention


How do phobias affect our lives?

Phobias are more common among us than we might think. Although it is an irrational fear of a certain thing, situation or person, whose absurdity we are aware of, we cannot overcome it and it can significantly affect the quality of our life. It is important to realize that with professional help it is possible to find solutions to overcome these fears.


Differentiation of phobias and their specific manifestations in everyday life

Phobias belong to anxiety disorders and are characterized by an unjustified fear of illness. Free anxiety follows a specific situation/stimulus based on a traumatic event. The affected person experiences strong anxiety with given objects or situations, which can only be triggered by thinking about a specific experience. The apparent solution is to avoid unpleasant situations, which can significantly limit the normal functioning of the individual. Among the most common phobias are animal phobia and social phobia (fear of unknown people, a large number of people). Other common phobias are claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces) and acrophobia (fear of heights).


How to effectively recognize the presence of a phobia and when to seek professional help

If you experience unwarranted panic fear at a specific situation or when thinking about it, you experience symptoms such as: shaking, sweating, heart palpitations, and compulsive fears impose themselves against your will, then you are probably dealing with a phobia. In such a case, it is recommended to seek professional help.


Individualized approaches to the treatment of phobias: From identifying triggers to preventing relapses

The treatment of phobias is approached comprehensively. The approach involves understanding the function of the difficulties, healing the source traumas and strengthening the psychological resilience of the individual. This requires a safe and family environment, which NEO Centrum offers.

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