Addiction to playing computer games


What is computer game addiction

Playing computer games seems like a harmless pastime, but in many cases it can become a serious problem. At first, playing games seems innocent, but with its regularity, it quickly reaches the point where it dominates the individual's life. Addicted gamers prefer the digital world to the real world, including their friends and family members. The impulse to play tends to be so strong that, despite being aware of the negative consequences, they cannot influence their behavior.


How addiction affects life

Addiction to gaming can have serious psychological and social consequences. Dependent individuals may lose interest in reality, neglect interpersonal relationships, and even basic personal needs. Consequences can include anxiety, depression and social isolation. In extreme cases, addiction can lead to financial problems and job loss.


Treatment of computer game addiction

The treatment of gaming addiction requires a comprehensive approach, similar to the treatment of other types of addiction. Therapy focuses on identifying and addressing the underlying causes of addiction, including self-esteem issues, escapism, or lack of social skills. Clients are offered individual or group therapy, where they learn how to create healthier ways to cope with stress and boredom, and how to find a balance between the virtual and real worlds.

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