Burn-out syndrome: how to face it and find balance again


What is burnout and why is it important to address it?

Burnout syndrome is a condition where an individual experiences long-term emotional, physical and mental exhaustion associated with work or personal life. This condition can lead to a decrease in performance, a loss of motivation and an overall feeling of helplessness. Early identification and treatment of this condition is key to maintaining health and quality of life.


How to recognize the signs of burnout

Symptoms of burnout include chronic fatigue, feelings of inadequacy, and loss of interest in work or daily activities. Other symptoms may include frequent headaches, changes in appetite, reduced immunity, and emotional manifestations such as feeling isolated or frustrated. Observing these signs should lead to reflection on your current state and the need for change. The final stage of untreated burnout is depression.


Strategies for overcoming burnout

Finding a balance between work and personal life, setting realistic goals and prioritizing tasks is the basis for overcoming burnout. It is also important to take time to relax and recover, as well as seek professional support if needed. The NEO Center offers an individual approach and a wide range of services for those looking for help in the fight against burnout.

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