Anxiety and depressive disorders: How can the NEO Center help you?

In today's fast-paced world, more and more people are dealing with psychological problems. Whether it's anxiety, depression, phobias or OCD, it's important to know that you're not alone. At the NEO Center, we provide professional support and therapy for those struggling with these issues. Our services are designed to help you find your way to better mental health and overall well-being.

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NEO Center's unique approach to addiction treatment

The NEO Center approaches the treatment of addiction in its entire scope and emphasizes the individuality of each client. We offer a wide range of services. From outpatient care to intensive residential programs that are tailored to the specific needs of individuals. The methods we use are a combination of proven therapeutic approaches with modern techniques. In treatment, our goal is to achieve recovery and support our clients in returning to their full lives.


Anxiety - how to recognize the symptoms and when to seek help

Anxiety is a condition that interferes with the quality of life in the case of its regularity and significant intensity. Anxiety does not have a specific content, it appears as a fear of something indeterminate that could happen. It manifests itself, for example, in sleep disorders and a feeling of tension (on a physical and psychological level), an accelerated heartbeat, pain and pressure in the chest or headaches. If anxiety lasts too long, appears frequently, is intense and inadequate, it can lead to anxiety disorders.

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Phobic anxiety disorders - irrational fears and how to overcome them

Phobias are unreasonable morbid fears in which free anxiety is linked to a specific situation or stimulus based on a traumatic event. Whether it's a fear of heights, flying or a fear of certain animals, the NEO Center is the place to help you understand the functions of your fears and teach you how to strengthen your psychological resilience.

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OCD - Living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD is a disorder in which people struggle with obsessions (intrusive thoughts, uncontrollable willpower) and compulsions (repetitive, stereotyped, senseless and purposeless behaviors). When trying to face them, the individual experiences severe anxiety.

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Depression - its understanding and overcoming

Depression is a serious health condition that can manifest itself in different ways. It interferes with our thinking, behavior and overall bodily functioning. Typical manifestations are disturbed sleep, apathy, feelings of emptiness and hopelessness. At the NEO Center, we will give you a space to express your feelings and offer effective strategies to fight depression.

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Comprehensive care

Variants of care provided

Ambulant care

The outpatient clinic offers the possibility of regular therapy sessions that support the long-term stability and health of clients. We offer immediate help to solve your problems through individual, couple and family therapy, counseling and coaching. We will help with the solution of addictions, mental health problems or personal development. Perhaps there is online and in-person therapy. We also provide services in English.

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Residential care

Residential care at the NEO Center represents an intensive and comprehensive treatment program in a safe and supportive environment. The program is intended for clients who need more intensive support. It includes more than 30 hours of therapy per week, including individual and group sessions. Accommodation in modernly equipped rooms and the clinic's comfortable facilities support the treatment process and offer clients space for rest and regeneration.

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Our clients talk about their experiences with the NEO Centre

Katka struggled with alcoholism for a long time, which brought her to the very bottom. "I drank uncontrollably, my family shunned me, I lost friends and I was a shadow of myself at work," she recalls. Life lost its meaning for her until she came to the NEO Center. "It was not an ordinary treatment, it was a liberating self-discovery," says Katka. Today, after three years, she is happy and grateful for every sober day.


For years, Tamara thought she could handle everything on her own. It was only after hitting rock bottom that she realized she needed help. "Admitting that I was an addict was the first step. Every day I am grateful for the fact that I could be at the NEO Center. Thanks to you, I have started to see my life from a different perspective and I am gradually trying to find a way to recovery."


For a long time, Kristýna considered her states of anxiety and exhaustion to be a normal part of life. "I thought it would pass. Everyone is tired sometimes and can't sleep," she says. She believed that as long as she could function and work, everything was fine. But in reality, she often found herself alone, exhausted, full of hopeless thoughts, waiting for the difficult times to pass. The change came when she discovered NEO Centrum. "Here I found a safe place, honesty, support and kindness," Kristýna describes.


Jirka struggled with alcoholism for years and did not find a solution in the state hospital, where they focused only on his addiction, not on the causes. "They dealt with alcoholism there, not me," he recalls. Skeptical of private facilities, he changed his mind after a friend recommended NEO Center. "It was the best investment of his life, so I went there," says Jirka. In the NEO Center, he found support and space to work on himself. Today, Jirka is satisfied: "The combination of NEO, neo-humans and working on each other really works. It was the best investment of my life for me too."


For a long time, Michal was drowning in endless parties and parties, where cocaine played a key role. Daily drug use destroyed his personal and professional life. "I kept wondering how I would excuse myself from my daily duties," he recalls. The real change came when he discovered the NEO Center. He spent six months here, which were not easy, but thanks to great therapists, he was able to deal with his problems and start a new life. "I don't have to lie to myself that everything is fine. I can sleep peacefully and look forward to each new day," says Michal, who has been drug-free for almost five years. Thanks to NEO Center.


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