Workaholism: When work rules your life


Workaholism: How to get sick addiction in modern times

Workaholism, or addiction to work, is a phenomenon of modern society, where work occupies a central place in an individual's life. This addiction goes beyond normal work commitment and turns into a psychological obsession that affects personal and social life. A person suffering from workaholism often loses interest in hobbies, family or friends, and his work obligations dominate all other aspects of life.

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How workaholism develops and is maintained

Workaholism often begins innocently as a drive to excel at work or achieve professional goals. However, over time, work passion can develop into a compulsion and become a major source of self-identification and personal satisfaction. This condition can be caused by a demanding job, high pressure to perform, but also by personal predispositions to perfectionism or low self-esteem. When there is no possibility to work, workaholism is accompanied by significant tension and anxiety.


Approaches to the treatment of workaholism

Our methods include psychotherapy to help clients understand and change their behavior patterns. We offer individual and group therapy where clients can share their experiences and draw support from others. Relapse prevention and the development of healthy work habits and lifestyle are also an important part of treatment. Our programs are designed to support work-life balance, which is key to long-term recovery and well-being.

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