Comprehensive therapeutic care for adolescents and their families


What do we offer as part of therapeutic care?

Our facility offers individual therapeutic care for adolescents from the age of 13. As part of family therapy, we provide services for children from the age of 6. Our services are designed to support young people in dealing with their difficulties, which may be the result of various life situations, including experimenting with addictive substances, relationship difficulties, depression and anxiety, or finding their own gender identity. We offer the option of purchasing therapy sessions individually or in packages with a more favorable price.


How does therapeutic care work?

Our therapeutic care is based on a combination of individual and family therapies that respect the needs of the young person and the entire family. Individual therapy provides a safe space for adolescents to explore and resolve personal issues and difficulties. Family therapy then helps to improve mutual communication and solve problems in the family system. Our services are provided by professionals with deep knowledge and experience in the field of psychology and therapy.

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