Martina Vančurová

When you are embarking on a change, a frequent recommendation is to find a person who will support you in it, or even better to have a whole group of such people, because it will make the process of change easier for you. Is it true. But the truth is also that not everyone is ready for this, or considers himself an introvert and refuses to share anything with anyone about his commitments. If this is your case, a diary could be the solution for you. But not only for you. The diary will help you even if you have your partners for a change.

Each of us has some idea of what a diary is. For some, they are lengthy outpourings of the heart, for others, writings in the style of stylistic work. Who would want to fiddle with that, and what's more, every day? You may also have heard that in some programs the client has the therapist read their diary. The vision that someone will read your entry can then raise concerns such as "I can't write that there", "What if I have a rough one" and the like.

A journal can be helpful in many ways:

  • You'll see what's going on in your head - you'll gain access to your thoughts.
  • You will see how you feel - you will gain access to your emotions.
  • You will see how you behave - you will gain insight into your actions.

All of this, of course, on the condition that you write about the aforementioned. Don't worry about illogicalities, unsightly writing, unfinished sentences and disagreements between the subject and the predicate. No one else will read it after you. You're only doing it for yourself. To bring to light what is inside, shine a light on it and get to know yourself better. You will also feel relieved.

But that's exactly what I don't want! Dig into yourself,” you may argue. Good good. So try using a journal as a record of what you've accomplished, as a means of monitoring the continuity of your change. A diary, i.e. a daily record, will draw your attention to what you have determined as your priority. It is a witness to whether you fulfill your resolutions. It will be in black and white and you won't be fooled.

There is a great book that teaches you how to keep a journal. It's called The BulletJournal Method and it was written by Ryder Carrol. In the subtitle, he urges the reader:
Review yesterday, organize today and plan for tomorrow. She's great because that's exactly what she can do. It will show you how to create a journal entry that is tailored to you and your needs.

This book presents a method that is both systematic and flexible. It won't tie you down, it will give you the freedom you need, but it will support you in being effective. It is also for those who are not canines. It works with wording, bullet points and brevity. At the same time, it is also praised by those who care about the literary or even artistic side of their notes. I have personally verified that it is worth it. See for yourself HERE.

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