Kateřina Marklová, professional director of the NEO Center

Long-term monitoring of wastewater from eight dozen European cities showed interesting facts about what drugs people use and where. This is the largest study of the last ten years, which has found, for example, that Barcelona is a paradise for hooligans or that the Czech Republic and Slovakia live on meth. Our professional director Kateřina Marklová comments on the article with an interesting point. You can find out a lot from wastewater, and some facts just confirmed that the traditional drugs in the Czech Republic are still methamphetamine and marijuana, but there is also an increase in cocaine, especially in larger cities. This trend also goes hand in hand with the composition of our clients at the NEO Center. But what is not taken into account in the analysis is the use of prescription medications, which have increased by 200% in the last two years. Drug abuse is still frowned upon, while I rate this type of addiction as currently the most abused and used form of drug intake. Basically, every second person is able to get any medication without a direct diagnosis and without a medical recommendation, they are then consumed like lentils. I think it is definitely necessary to confront this new, still not socially accepted problem and solve it comprehensively as a fundamental form of addiction that is basically tolerated"

SeznamZprávy.cz: Facts: Barcelona smokes marijuana, Ostrava uses meth, based on a study.

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