M.Sc. et B. Radek German

We have a hunch, somewhere in the subconscious, that addiction and addictive behavior are some kind of curse. The curse can fall on anyone, regardless of age, social status or wealth. It has no boundaries - it can touch young and old, rich and poor, noble ladies and elegant gentlemen, mothers in the family and hard-working people, regardless of age from 15 to 80 years.

A curse, we can liken it to a curse that can follow our families from generation to generation, or a burden and burden that we carry in our life. This curse brings a lot of bad things. We are talking about destructive, impulsive and compulsive behavior that controls our deepest nature, attacks our deepest needs, which at the same time can be so primitive.

Alcohol? Cigarettes? Betting? Meth? Cocaine? Shopping? Sex? Relation ships? Porn? How do our often self-destructive weaknesses even arise?

Addiction often begins to develop when our body becomes compulsive and we begin to crave a certain substance or behavior more and more. We refer to this as an increasing tolerance and we become addicted, impulsively responding to our desires. This curse forces us to try harder and harder, we can't help it, we want it more and more, and when the world denies it, we react restlessly, neurotically, even pathologically. For us, this addiction is something necessary because it often helps us survive in this world that we are not really comfortable in, because without it our world and our life would be a very scary and threatening place, and we would have to deal with the unpleasant truth that could hurt us. The consequences of this curse are indescribable, time and health become mere items in this trade exchange for our addiction. We are not aware of the consequences that will come sooner or later.

Addiction often occurs when we stop taking responsibility for our lives and stop being careful. We quickly learn to point the finger at the outside world, which, in our opinion, considers us cursed. Loss of responsibility for oneself is characteristic of addictive behavior. Think about how you feel. Do you know who you are, what you want from life? Or do you put your own needs aside and pursue the needs of others, hoping to be accepted by the world? That you will be loved? That the world won't turn its back on you for who you are. These thoughts often accompany addiction.

We often move in the past tense, i.e. the past, or in the future time, i.e. the future. We can't be here and now. The presence has become unbearable, threatening our own authenticity. And that's why addiction can take one quick shortcut, and that is to bring the individual in a few seconds to the present moment, where he suddenly feels his own self, himself, authentically, that is, what he hides from the world, what he suppresses, what he has put on a mask or the role of a perfect husband or wife, a good girl or a good boy, a naughty child or a hurt individual who was just unlucky in life.

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