Heroin - one of the most dangerous addictive substances ever. A substance with a depressant effect, which causes general not only mental, but also physical depression. What are the specific effects of the addictive drug, the symptoms of heroin or how to recover from heroin addiction? All this summarized in one clear article without embellishments.

The effects of heroin

While heroin is illegal in most countries, it is available on prescription in the UK. The reason is the dampening effects, which play a big role in the treatment of acute pain, myocardial infarction or acute pulmonary edema. But since it is a substance to which you can not only develop a strong addiction, but also the use of which ends in death, beware of it.

Heroin is very widespread and popular among drug addicts. However, in most cases you will encounter a misunderstanding of the effects of the drug. Specifically, the drug works as follows:

  • Overall, it dampens the organism.
  • It slows down the psychic pace.
  • Relaxes and relieves worries.

However, pleasant feelings are only among the desirable effects. In addition to them, there are also undesirable ones, which include:

  • Narrowing of the pupils.
  • General sleepiness.
  • Slowed breathing.
  • Depression.

Symptoms of heroin

It is the side effects of the addictive substance that are also typical symptoms that will reveal to you that the individual belongs to drug addicts and that he is dealing with heroin. Pupils narrow, a person feels sleepy, constantly scratches, because the skin begins to itch noticeably. An addict breathes slowly, suffers from depression, loses libido, and his best friend is laziness.

How to recognize heroin

Currently, we recognize several types of heroin, with each heroin having slightly different experiences. If you are looking for pure heroin, you will encounter a white, pinkish powder at most. This is suitable for inhalation or is applied directly into a vein. The so-called brown heroin is intended for smoking or inhalation from aluminum foil.

Unfortunately, drug addicts in an advanced stage of addiction are less careful and very often inject or inhale so-called "cut" heroin, i.e. containing some kind of admixture. However, such versions of the drug are even more dangerous than pure heroin itself and can contribute to the fulfillment of black scenarios more quickly.

What are the risks?

One of the biggest risks of heroin is, of course, death, which often occurs due to the development of addiction to the addictive substance.

How to treat heroin addiction

Heroin carries a really high risk of addiction on its shoulders. It appears relatively early, after five to ten applications (but we are talking about a very individual criterion). After a certain amount of applications, not only physical, but also psychological dependence occurs, and it is really necessary to start treating the addiction as soon as possible.

  • If heroin intoxication has occurred, it is necessary to keep the victim conscious. Trouble-free breathing is mainly ensured.
  • Drug addicts who fight addiction with so-called self-help very often inject naloxone into their veins, which is considered an antidote. However, it can cause a very violent withdrawal state, which can subsequently end in death.
  • It is therefore not only necessary, but also far more appropriate to turn to experts. The treatment itself (especially if the addict uses heroin at high doses) is very complicated and requires an individual approach. Everything is done in such a way as to establish long-term stabilization of drug users.

How heroin is made

Are you interested in how heroin is made? Below is a link to Wikipedia where you can read general information, what the formula is and how it can probably be made for scientific and theoretical knowledge and interest. Not for cultivation, distribution, sale or use itself.

Link to detail : https://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heroin

What is the range for heroin?

Constipation, diarrhea or high temperatures are considered to be a high point for heroin. As part of the withdrawal state, hand tremors, vomiting, inability to focus or concentrate may also occur. Interest in other things is lost and, of course, the desire for the next "dose" goes hand in hand. As already mentioned, heroin is highly addictive and you can develop an addiction to the substance after the first few uses.

How long is heroin in the blood or urine or saliva?

Even though heroin ranks among the most dangerous drugs, it is not indicated for very long in the blood or urine. As in the blood, the drug can also be detected in the urine for three, maximum five days after use.

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