Pervitin - one of the most commonly used drugs in the Czech Republic is artificially created by humans. It is referred to as the "drug of the poor", but you may also come across the nicknames "Czech gold", "angel dust" or "péčko" or "gingerbread". Professionally, it is called methamphetamine and we will tell you what its effects, symptoms or how to recognize meth are in a few lines below.

Effects of meth

Although it was invented already in 1919 in Japan, it only became known to the general public during the Second World War, when it was used, for example, by pilots to maintain their attention. It has also been actively (albeit illegally) produced in Czechoslovakia for over fifty years. We can even state that the Czech Republic is among the largest producers of this drug, which makes it very accessible at a relatively low price. This is also why the popularity of meth among addicts is growing.

Of course, the effects of meth have their share of popularity, which include speeding up and stimulating thinking, increasing talkativeness and eliminating fatigue. Furthermore, the drug brings:

  • burst of energy,
  • increased desire for sexual activities,
  • also weight loss to some extent.

Symptoms of meth

How to recognize meth addiction? Watch for symptoms that appear after taking the drug. In addition to the "pleasure" when a person has enormous energy, accelerated and stimulated thinking, increased talkativeness and a desire for sex, and is practically never tired, there are also negative manifestations such as headaches, chest pain or joint pain, unpleasant dryness in mouth, on the other hand, increased sweating (and very often accompanied by a chemical smell) or tremors. Very often it also happens:

  • anorexia,
  • insomnia,
  • malnutrition,
  • occurrence of sores on the skin or
  • decayed teeth.

How to recognize meth

How to recognize really high-quality meth? The Czech Republic is one of the largest producers of this drug, which goes hand in hand with a certain probability of encountering low-quality "goods". The real quality of the drug can only be known through a toxicological analysis, at first glance one can only orient oneself by its appearance.

There is some general information about what quality meth should look like. The pure drug is in the form of a microcrystalline powder (it is true that one should avoid yellow, brown or purple coloring, which would indicate the added residues of other substances during home production). Meth is also odorless, with a very bitter taste.

What are the risks?

Not only the consumption, but the procurement of the drug itself carries a number of risks. Even when looking for the required substance, there is a risk that the buyer will not buy high-quality meth and end up with a substance that is even more dangerous for him or does not have the desired, desired effect. It often happens that other ingredients and additives are mixed into the drug, which increases not only the volume but also the overall profit for the seller.

If we are to talk about the risks arising from the short-term or long-term use of the drug, in addition to the mentioned health problems that go hand in hand with the use of meth, we must also mention:

  • Increased temperature, which can lead to overheating of the body.
  • Nervousness, confusion or inability to sleep.
  • Dramatic aging and significant deterioration of skin condition.
  • The arrival of hallucinations and paranoia.
  • Higher risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (primarily due to more frequent risky sex).

And of course, as in the case of other drugs, long-term use destroys the body from the inside and contributes to death. There is also a risk of overdose, which also leads to the darkest scenarios.

How to treat meth addiction

Treating meth addiction is difficult, but possible. As with the treatment of other addictions, a person must arm himself mainly with perseverance, determination and a strong will.

  • Initially, addicts tend to self-medicate. He bets on stopping the drug, unfortunately, the effort ends in temporary abstinence, after which he returns to the drug regimen he has taken. A far better and more effective way is to seek professional advice from experts.
  • If an addicted person turns to professional help, they are automatically enrolled in a drug rehab program, where they are treated like others who are going through the same life situation.

How meth is made

Are you interested in how to make meth? Below is a link to Wikipedia where you can read general information, what the formula is and how it can probably be made for scientific and theoretical knowledge and interest. Not for production, distribution, sale or use itself.

Link to detail :

What is the speed/range for meth

The duration of the effects is longer in the case of meth than in the case of crack. Acute effects last up to eight hours at a dose of 5-50 mg. But the delivery can take much longer, even up to the next day. This is especially true at high doses.

How long is meth in the blood and urine?

We already know what meth is, but how long is it in the blood and urine? It begins to appear in the urine twenty minutes after use and remains in it for 12-34 hours. If the drug is taken long-term, it is easily detected in the urine for three weeks.

It is detectable in blood for 3 days, in saliva for up to 72 hours.

How to get meth out of the body?

Thus, methamphetamine remains in the blood or urine for a relatively long time. However, even with long-term use, the substance can be removed from the body relatively easily. It is enough to stop using the drug, and after that, within about twenty days, there will be no memory of the gingerbread. It is appropriate to start with applying a healthy lifestyle in practice. Replenishment of vitamins and minerals, or you can help excretion with diuretic foods or drinks or teas intended for overall body detoxification.

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