Addiction treatment and mental health support at the NEO Center


At the NEO Center, we provide comprehensive services in the field of addiction treatment and mental health support. Our approaches are based on the latest knowledge and methods that respect the individual needs of each client. We offer professional help with an emphasis on discretion, empathy and expertise.

NEO Center's unique approach to addiction treatment

The NEO Center approaches the treatment of addiction in its entire scope and emphasizes the individuality of each client. We offer a wide range of services. From outpatient care to intensive residential programs that are tailored to the specific needs of individuals. The methods we use are a combination of proven therapeutic approaches with modern techniques. In treatment, our goal is to achieve recovery and support our clients in returning to their full lives.


Professional help in dealing with addictions

Addiction can take many forms and each case requires an individual approach. At the NEO Center, we specialize in the treatment of addiction in all its forms. We offer outpatient and residential programs that include both individual and group work. We also work with families affected by addiction through a loved one. Our goal is not only to eliminate addiction, but also to return to a full life.

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Supporting mental health and dealing with emotional problems

Mental health is essential to a happy life. At the NEO Center, we offer help in solving a wide range of psychological and emotional problems, such as depression, anxiety disorders and stress disorders, or low self-esteem. We approach treatment with empathy and understanding. We will help you find your way to better mental health.

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Help in solving crisis situations and problems in relationships

Life is full of challenges and sometimes we may find ourselves in situations that are beyond our control. At the NEO Center, we provide professional help in solving crisis situations, whether it is a personal crisis, a family crisis (divorce, separation), problems in relationships or other life difficulties. Our therapists will offer you support, understanding and practical advice on how to manage these situations and find a way out.

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Support and counseling for families and loved ones of addicts

The addiction of one family member affects the lives of all those close to him. At NEO Center, we understand how important support is for families and friends of addicts. We offer family therapy, addiction counseling, individual therapy, and group programs designed specifically for loved ones of addicts so they can better understand the situation and learn how to effectively help while protecting their own mental health.

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