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Joyful traditions and shadows of Christmas

As we enter a new year, we often expect change. Perhaps it would be better to say we wish for change and together with that we "hold on" to resolutions through which we have hope that it will happen. That we will lose weight, live more healthily, smoke less or not at all, drink less or not at all. We will find a better job, a better partner... just everything will be better. It remains unclear whether our desire for change is connected to something we already know in advance that we do not want to change, and yet we enter this game with ourselves.

With each new year comes the opportunity to reflect and set new paths. Although we often associate New Year's resolutions with specific goals, it may be time to look at them from a different perspective. What if we stopped focusing only on what we want to change and started seeing resolutions as a means to a deeper understanding of ourselves? What if we focused on how these changes can bring us growth and fulfillment? Let's explore together how to better grasp our New Year's resolutions and approach them with a mindset of what's really important.

Personal growth in closing and opening, or why are endings and beginnings important in life?

With each day we approach the end of the year comes an opportunity to reflect on what we have been through and prepare for a new beginning. Closing a chapter in life is not only an opportunity to celebrate achievements, but also a time to reflect on the past.

Endings and beginnings are key in our lives. Every ending opens the door to a new beginning, which is why it is important not only to celebrate, but also to look at what the past experience has actually shown us. With the arrival of the new year, it is appropriate to focus on reflection, thinking about goals, dreams and values. Although it is generally true that it is better to "train" the awareness of the present we live in, at the same time, in this case, looking at where we are going is completely fine and appropriate.

Leave room for your own growth, whether you are about to close the old year or open a new one. Endings and beginnings connect the past and the future, creating a constant flow of change and offering the opportunity to begin again. And so, with an open heart, welcome the new year and its new adventures!

Harnessing the power of the group: How do we benefit from the relational dynamics around us?

Paying attention to quality relationships, whether with friends or family, is not just about sharing joys and challenges. It's also about creating space for mutual learning and growth. Social interaction gives us valuable insight into the world of others and opens the door to new perspectives. Meeting with friends and family is not only an opportunity to share experiences, but also a space for group dynamics. Within these groups, we can learn from others, share our knowledge, and strengthen our problem-solving skills. Group dynamics can bring inspiration, motivation and support, leading us to achieve our goals more effectively. Opening up to social learning and using group dynamics can bring us not only personal growth, but also a broadening of our world view. Every relationship and encounter with others can be a valuable lesson, and in this way social contacts become not only a source of joy, but also inspiration and learning.

Developing an identity aspect, or who are we?

The coming year is not only about new beginnings, but also about an exceptional opportunity to delve deeper into the knowledge of our own identity. When we ask ourselves questions like "Who do I want to be?" or "What do I want to achieve?" as part of New Year's resolutions, we are not only setting specific goals, but also engaging in a process that allows us to discover deeper layers of ourselves.

Setting new goals and resolutions leads us to actively examine our values, priorities and ambitions. The process of asking questions like "Why am I choosing this goal?" or "What drives me to do this?" reveals our inner motivations and beliefs. In this way, we not only set the direction for the new year, but also embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Developing your identity in the new year isn't just about creating a to-do list; it's about opening the door to our inner self and discovering what really makes us. Each new resolution can be a window into the deeper layers of our personality and can help us better understand the direction we want to go and who we want to be.

New Year's Resolutions: How Motivation and Reward Boost Our Intrinsic Determination and Lead to Long-Term Success

When we set new goals at the beginning of the year, our mind and brain react in a positive way. Setting clear goals can activate parts of the brain that bring us joy and satisfaction, motivating us to achieve them.

The fact that a person sets new tasks and goals can strengthen his internal motivation. This is essential for change, because the external circumstances that motivate us have their limits. The positive feedback our brain gives us can be a powerful driving force that helps us overcome obstacles and maintain long-term motivation.

The motivation and determination created in this way are key factors in achieving lasting success. By supporting and maintaining this positive dynamic, we can achieve our New Year's goals and develop on a personal and professional level.

The motivating power of New Year's resolutions: battling procrastination

New Year's resolutions can become a good tool to overcome the tendency to put off important tasks.

When we celebrate the new year and experience its special atmosphere, it can awaken in us a sense of renewal and a new beginning. The sounds of firecrackers and the sight of celebratory fireworks can be a metaphor for the determination, energy and joy associated with a new beginning.

In this euphoric atmosphere, New Year's resolutions can serve as a powerful impulse that motivates us to action. Resolutions create a clear direction and goal, which helps us overcome internal resistance and procrastination. The idea of a fresh start in the new year can be just the boost we need to overcome the temptation to procrastinate and just start doing something.

In this way, New Year's resolutions are not only a symbolic beginning, but also a practical tool that allows us to actively work on our goals and overcome obstacles on the way to success.

Developing self-awareness and a realistic self-image: how New Year's resolutions help build mental resilience...

Making New Year's resolutions is not only about setting goals, but also about a deep understanding of yourself and a realistic view of your own abilities. This resolution work involves a process of self-discovery that is key to psychological resilience.

When setting goals for the new year, we need to be honest with ourselves. This means not only recognizing your ambitions, but also perceiving your own limits. Realism is a key element of successful resolution work. When we are able to realistically assess our abilities and expectations, we create the basis for more lasting and sustainable change, and we also eliminate the disappointment of not being able to meet our own expectations.

Perception of one's own limits and possibilities is not a weakness, but rather a strength. This authentic self-worth allows us to approach each other with respect, understanding, kindness and understanding. Working with a realistic view of our abilities can thus strengthen our resilience. When we recognize our possibilities while respecting our limitations, we become more resilient to stress and improve our ability to adapt to change.

Overall, we can say that New Year's resolutions are not only a tool to achieve goals, but also a means to a deeper understanding of ourselves and to strengthen our mental resilience.

There is an opportunity for each of us to connect with the spirit of New Year's resolutions. Let's start with kindness to ourselves and simply, one step at a time. In conclusion, I think about something universal, about something that could benefit everyone, regardless of the other circumstances of their life...and I come up with...

Celebrate small successes:

Goals are not only distant horizons, but also daily achievements. Celebrate each step towards your goals to boost your motivation. Appreciate yourself for your uniqueness.

Build a community of support:

Gain strength from the support of your loved ones. Sharing joys and challenges together can strengthen relationships and ensure that you are not alone in your goals.

Reward yourself and take care of yourself:

Remember the reward for your mental health work. An occasional reward will not only reinforce your efforts, but also give you time to rest and refresh.

Develop joy in the process:

The path to the goal is as important as the goal itself. Find joy in the process of learning new skills, in regular physical activity, and in the relationships you build…

Take time to reflect:

Stop regularly and look back at your progress. Reflection will give you the opportunity to appreciate what you have achieved, adjust your progress and set new goals.

Enjoy your offline time:

Reduce digital overload and engage in offline activities that fill your soul and charge you with positive energy.

Build resilience:

Challenges are a natural part of life. Build resilience by learning from failures, adapting to change and looking for the positive in every situation, even if it's not always easy

With the new year comes unlimited possibilities for growth and transformation. With a positive approach to change planning, we can create an open space. Let's get inspired and allow ourselves to enter the new year with an open heart and determination to achieve our goals. And in conclusion, let's remember that the path to our goals requires patience. We don't have to have everything right away, but with trust in life, we can expect it to bring us the most beautiful moments. Let's let time work in favor of our dreams.

Have a great year 2024.

 M.Sc. Adam Schmidt

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