May Day - addiction in relationships

M.Sc. et B. Radek German

May Day is a symbol of love and falling in love, a day when we remember the strength and intensity of emotions associated with relationships. In this festive, pink, colorful and loving atmosphere, it is important not only to celebrate love, but also to point out the complex nature of relationships. Reflect on possible hidden threats, a primary theme of emotional dependency.

Falling in love is one of the most powerful moments, subjectively and variously long-lasting, and subsequently escalating in the hormonal storm that we can experience. It can consume us so much that we are willing to sacrifice our own needs and boundaries for the well-being of our partner. This state, while intensely romantic, can also be a source of emotional dependency where the individual relies too heavily on validation and support from their partner. Eager for validation and satisfaction of their needs, which are, for example, the desire and need for love, care, safety, closeness, self-importance.
Defense mechanisms play a key role in this dynamic. They are mechanisms that protect us from greater intimate and emotional closeness, which we may perceive as a threat. As a result, we may be willing to make compromises that we wouldn't normally make, which can lead to a dilution of our own boundaries for the benefit of the relationship.

Another aspect of this issue concerns the tendency to attract unsuitable partners.

This may be due to emotional needs or patterns from past relationships. Sometimes we try to compensate for the shortcomings of the past through new relationships, which can lead to a vicious cycle of emotional dependence.

Emotional dependency in relationships can have a number of negative effects. There may be feelings of humiliation, inadequacy and loss of identity. The individual may be lost in the relationship and neglect their own interests and needs. Sometimes emotional dependence can develop into destructive forms such as emotional manipulation and abuse.

May Day celebrations offer an opportunity for reflection. It is a time that encourages us to be self-aware and work on ourselves to achieve balanced and sustainable relationships. Although May Day is a symbol of love, let's remember that we deserve love in a healthy, balanced relationship where our own needs and boundaries are respected.

Overall, May Day is an opportunity not only to celebrate love, but also to realize the complexity of relationships and the need to work on yourself to achieve healthy and lasting relationships in the future. So whether we celebrate love or reflect on our own relationship dynamics, let us know that love should be a support and enrichment of our lives, not a source of emotional dependence, fueling our deprivation or unmet needs.

Photo: Unsplash

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