Ecstasy, which you may also know under the name "éčko", is considered a dance drug. It has not only hallucinogenic, but also stimulating effects, bringing pleasant, easily controllable states of well-being and happiness. How to recognize that a person is using drugs, how to recognize and distinguish ecstasy from other psychoactive substances and how to treat addiction if someone develops it?

The effects of ecstasy

Not only a dance drug, but also a love drug, a love pill or just "balls" - these are the names that a very well-known addictive substance carries. This artificially prepared drug, usually administered in the form of tablets or capsules belonging to amphetamines, was discovered as early as 1910, when it was also patented as a weight loss drug. However, it was never demonstrably used, which is why ecstasy was later tested (even as a chemical weapon, but failed in this regard). Later, we moved on to the investigation of the substance in psychotherapy, and today we are talking about the drug.

Its effects are widely known, although since 2003 interest in the use of the substance has been declining. Specifically, there is an increase in the level of hormones causing the desired feelings of joy, well-being and more. For example, there is an increase in serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline. This results in cheerfulness, a good mood, an emotional bond is created not only with friends, but also with strangers. It can even lead to feelings of self-doubt and impulsive behavior. Fatigue is something that is practically not felt.

These effects usually start within ninety minutes after taking the substance and last for about six hours.

As with any drug, there are both desirable and undesirable effects. Undesirable effects of ecstasy include hallucinations, coldness, excessive sweating, sometimes even nausea, overheating of the body or muscle stiffness (or jaw stiffness).

Symptoms of ecstasy

What are the states of ecstasy, or how do you know that the other person has ingested the drug? The user is confused, restless. There can be visible alternation of individual phases, namely a balance of peace and well-being with moderate stress. While in one moment the mood generally improves greatly, in another it tends to falter because the person is surrounded by stress.

Nausea, vomiting, decreased need for sleep or decreased appetite are other typical symptoms that go hand in hand with ecstasy use.

How to recognize ecstasy

Ecstasy is a drug available in pills or tablets. Unfortunately, there are no tests in the Czech Republic that would tell what is actually found in such a tablet. So it is never possible to say with 100% probability whether the drug being offered is pure ecstasy or not. It is very often mixed with other substances, such as methamphetamine, which makes it a much more risky and addictive drug.

What are the risks?

The risk of using ecstasy increases due to the fact that many other addictive substances are added to it, such as meth. Other risks and reasons not to use the drug include overheating of the body, which can lead to psychological collapse or death. Even mild overheating is not exactly a lottery win, in which case muscle breakdown, serious disorders or blood clotting or kidney failure occur.

How to treat ecstasy addiction

The addiction that arises from ecstasy is most often of a psychological nature. So-called physical dependence has not yet been proven. If you feel that you are increasing the dose and frequency of drug use to achieve the same effect, or that you are becoming moody, tired, or irritable as a result of long-term use, you really need to take action.

  • First of all, it is necessary to replenish fluids. Especially within the framework of long-term use of the drug, chest or back pain may occur, which points to the need to hydrate the body.
  • Although it is a drug with a mild effect, it can damage the internal organs, which can also cause the victim to die. In case of detection of addiction, it is therefore necessary to seek professional help in order to prevent not only the aforementioned overheating of the organism, but also damage to nerve cells.

How ecstasy is made

Are you interested in how ecstasy is made? Below is a link to Wikipedia where you can read general information, what the formula is and how it can probably be made for scientific and theoretical knowledge and interest. Not for cultivation, distribution, sale or use itself.

Link to detail:

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