My real therapy at the NEO Center Part 1 - self-confidence, doubts, intimacy

We all doubt ourselves sometimes. Sometimes our inner critic, who at other times can motivate and push us to high performance in various areas, pushes us so hard that we are completely blocked by doubt and fear of failure. It is good to find a counterbalance to him. The part that will support us and love us unconditionally.

After addiction treatment at the NEO Center, many clients still come to therapy and find it important to talk about it and maybe offer something more. Mental hygiene is just as important as physical hygiene. More and more people are realizing that going to therapy is okay and that it helps. But many people are still afraid to ask for help. Call, write, make an appointment, come to a therapy session. And all of these things can be very stressful for a person who is in a mess.

In cooperation with therapist Markéta Miláčková from the NEO Center and Dominik Turza (DJ Roxtar), we decided to let you see both the soul of our clients and the therapy process, as intimately as possible. Maybe someone will find the topics unimportant, uninteresting or even irritating, but this is real therapy, life, problems, fears, worries, thoughts of our clients. And maybe it will inspire you to sometimes talk to an expert who can look at your problems objectively and with a distance that your friend, parent or partner just can't offer you.

Join us and discover how you can find balance between your inner critic and supporter. We believe you deserve to be happy and satisfied.

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